09 março 2011

Truly touching ....

People dealing with the philosophy of modern art inevitably find themselves doing the secular theology. In other words, sacralization of art and the artist is not gratuitous.
Work of art is a miracle and the artist is master of this miracle.
Modern man can not speak about art without using religious terms. Let’s try if you wish; try to talk about art without pronounce the words "Extraordinary! Marvelous! Fantastically! Miracle!
Without entering the sacred space, without winging.

So peacfull you can feel it deep in your heart!
Very appealing music- soothing yet sad, even touching at the same time. It makes me think of the beach at dusk....in the few minutes before you see the sun sets. Or staring at the moving shadows of the trees outside the window, in the last few moments before I fall asleep. Absolutely lovely!  
                                                                                        Marília Mendes

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  1. Desejo grande sorte no seu novo caminho com a Língua Inglesa.Você merece.
    Professor Rafael


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